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12 Dangerous Mistakes in Utilizing Collection Agencies

Maximizing recovery on delinquent accounts is a complex job. The agency relationship is not as simple as handing over the accounts and saying “collect it!” Sure, agencies work on commission and would like to collect all possible dollars. However, further review indicates that a complete agency management program can yield substantial increases in the net return to your company.

For many recovery managers, it is an issue of time, not inclination. Certainly we all want to do the job to the best of our ability. The demands of the recovery professional can be great and far reaching. Time to manage agencies is sometimes at the bottom of a lengthy To Do List. And, if we were able to accomplish just about everything on our To Do List, some well meaning boss would probably think that means we need a bigger list. So, we begin to realize that we have only so much time, and we'll need to adjust our management of the agency relationship based on that fact.

One way to look at how to manage effectively is to look at what not to do. Mistakes of other credit professionals can help establish a basis of understanding for better management. The twelve mistakes detailed below fall into key areas of:
  • Choosing an Agency
  • Placing Accounts
  • Commissions
  • Managing & Motivating
  • Measuring Agencies

   Collection and Recovery Solutions 2016
May 11 - 13, 2016 - Four Seasons - Las Vegas
This content rich educational conference gives the techniques, strategies and resources for maximizing collection and recovery outcomes. Our goal is to enrich the intensity of the conference for the exhibitor, attendee and sponsor alike with an unparalleled learning experience. This is an exclusive gathering of industry professionals like none other!

   Debt Connection Symposium and Expo 2016
September 13 - 15, 2016 - Tucson, Arizona
The conference is geared for Collections, Recovery, and Debt Sales professionals from Creditors, Healthcare, Collection Agencies, Collection Attorney Firms, Debt Buyers, and Related Industry Vendors.

Third Party Vendor
Auditing Workshop

For compliance officers, vendor managers or collection agency auditors, learn strategy and practical tips for auditing collection activities, whether at your own shop or at one of your vendor's operations. Incorporate compliance, consumer protection and effectiveness into your audit.   More...

Collection Management Training
Collection Management Training teaches front-line collection supervisors and managers the fundamentals necessary for working with both experienced and inexperienced collectors - providing the knowledge and tools necessary to coach and develop the team to maximize collection performance.   More...

RECOVERY MANAGEMENT: Collecting The Uncollectible Account
The basic concept of recovery management is to maximize collection dollars and net results on what are generally deemed uncollectible accounts. From quantifying the appropriate and most effective internal efforts to understanding how and when to use outside vendors, this book is a helpful resource for the recovery professional, whether your company originated the debt, or your company purchased the debt.   More...

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